We specialize in making of all kinds of outdoor advertising.


Starting from the little signboard, via information boards, directional, light coffers, spatial forms, to roadside billboards.


Advertisements are made using a variety of materials:

-PVC plastic



-zinc sheet


The graphics are made with:


-adhesive foil



We print on:

-glossy or matte film

-OWV foil


-mesh nets


-adhesive paper

-poster paper

-cast film


We make graphics on vehicles. We use graphics cuted by plotter or printed on different kinds of adhesive film.


We also use One Way Vision film (OWV) used for windows to maintain visibility from the inside, from the outside you can see printed graphic. OWV foil is commonly used on shop windows or car windows.


We recommend the type of one-way mirror films, that absorb the amount of heat and sunlight UVA and UVB rays reaching the room. In our offer, there also are anti-theft foils, protecting against manual attack, approved by most of insurance companies.


Aside from flat advertisment, we also make spatial logos with illumination or without. Letters or graphic signs can be made out of styrodur painted with any colour or from PVC and plexi with the lighting ability.


We offer services in the field of cutting plotter. We have two types of plotters, one for cutting the foil, the second to cut styrodur or styrofoam.We design and print business cards, flyers, stickers, posters, letterheads, note pads, calendars, and other business stationery.


Our offer also includes overprint on clothes using flock film or flex and screenprint.


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