GLASS as a material fascinate with its lightness, transparency and the magical ability to capture the light and space. Shows in three-dimensional items their unusual, surreal interior - "the fourth dimension". You can see this in our tiles with plant motifs.


In recent years we have seen increasing interest in using glass as a decorative element, but also as a carrier construction in exterior architecture and interior design.


FUSING - technology of glass heat treatment. It involves on combining glass-made elements of various shapes, colours and species to receive the appropriate spatial forms. Melting of glass is carried out at a temperature from 680 °C to 830 °C. The large furnaces allow fusion of glass compositions about 250 x 150 cm, with a deep molding up to 50 cm.


Fusing method allows you to create unique compositions that can be applied in the design of the artistic and decorative interior design. Elements of fused glass can be used to make doors, partition walls, sliding doors, furniture, railings, skylights, frames for mirrors and lamps. They can serve as a separation wall separating the individual elements in bathroom (bathtubs, toilets, sinks) or can be as a wall of spray booths.


Fused glass with unique designs is widely used for tables, benches and coffee tables.


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